Regain Your Confident Smile With Emergency Dental Care

When you visit Olympia Dental Center for an emergency dental appointment, we prioritize your comfort immediately. Not only do we stop your dental pain, we also want to eliminate your stress. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in a private care room during any necessary emergency procedures. You can also enjoy amenities such as cozy blankets and neck pillows, to improve your overall experience.

We’ll do a thorough exam and take digital X-rays to find out what’s causing your pain and determine your ideal treatment. Based on our findings, your dentist may recommend:

  • Tooth Fillings – Our natural-colored fillings will stop your toothache and make chewing easier. Plus, the material will blend seamlessly with your other teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatment – If an infection has reached the inside portion of your tooth, we’ll alleviate your pain and save you from an extraction.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If your gums are infected, we’ll perform a deep cleaning procedure or other techniques to restore your gum health.
  • Tooth Removal While we try to avoid an extraction whenever possible, sometimes it’s necessary. We numb your mouth, so you won’t feel a thing while we remove your tooth.
  • Dental CrownsIf you have serious dental damage, we’ll craft a crown to repair your tooth. We can make it the same day using our CEREC machine.

If an extraction is needed, Dr. Wan will discuss your tooth replacement options. If it’s a single extracted tooth, he can replace it with an implant-supported crown. You can also replace several teeth in a row with a dental bridge, or an entire arch with implant dentures. He’ll review the possible solutions with you, and you can move forward once your mouth has had time to heal.

One of the best ways to avoid a dental emergency is by regularly visiting the dentist. By seeing us every six months for a cleaning and exam, we’ll get ahead of problems before they lead to dental pain or other urgent situations. We can also help you with harmful dental habits, such as TMJ disorders.

Call 360-549-9659 if you need help from an emergency dentist. You can also request an appointment online.