Remove Teeth Stains With Professional Whitening Treatment!

In a couple of weeks, lovebirds everywhere will be spending a special night out together for Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year. Whether you have a sweetheart or not, the last thing you want anyone to see when you smile is your teeth stains.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that thanks to our professional whitening treatment in Tumwater, WA! We rely on the time-tested Glo system, which is safe yet powerful enough to remove dark, stubborn teeth stains for a noticeably whiter smile in just one appointment.

Or you can take home one of our customized kits that allows you to apply professional treatment without getting up from your couch! Either way, you can get rid of teeth stains on your terms and count on dramatic results that make you look and feel your best.

Don’t trust those store-brand whitening products to be strong enough or safe enough to lift teeth stains. Trust the professionals at Olympia Dental Center to give you a white-hot smile for date night!

Call us today at 360-549-9659 to schedule an appointment in Tumwater, WA. You can also request an appointment online. In the meantime, check out today’s video from the American Dental Association about how professional tooth whitening works!