5 Good Reasons to Get Dental Implant Dentures

If you need to replace most or all of your teeth, you may be worried about lifestyle changes. It’s understandable! Getting standard dentures often requires you to modify your diet and adopt a different oral hygiene routine. However, dental implant dentures give you a more lifelike alternative to regular removable dentures. 

To see if you’re a candidate for implant dentures, call Olympia Dental Center at 360-549-9659 to schedule a consultation. In the meantime, see some of the advantages of implant dentures vs. conventional dentures:

  • Teeth That Won’t Slip or Loosen – Suction is what keeps conventional dentures in place. Not surprisingly, this means they can shift, move, or even pop out at inopportune moments – even if you use adhesive. When dental implants are placed in your jaw, your bone fuses to them. This keeps your teeth firmly in place. There’s no need to worry about embarrassing moments! And you won’t need adhesive.
  • Ability to Eat Your Favorite Foods – Implants also give you a bite that is strong enough that you can eat pretty much anything you want. With dentures attached to implants, you’ll still be able to enjoy crunchy and chewy foods. 
  • Greater Comfort – When dentures are loose, it creates uncomfortable sore spots. Implant dentures are so comfortable you’ll likely forget you even have them. 
  • Possibility of Getting Implants and Teeth All at Once – While not all dentists provide this option, Dr. Wan can perform a procedure called an All-on-4®. Using a special placement technique, he will attach a full arch of teeth to just four implants. It allows you to get your implants and functional teeth in one appointment. You’ll be able to smile freely right away!
  • Younger Looking Facial Appearance – A big benefit of implants is how they can help keep the bone in your jaw from shrinking. That’s because they function like natural tooth roots, providing stimulation that encourages bone growth. This helps keep your face fuller and younger looking. A shrinking jaw is the reason that relining procedures are often needed to re-adjust conventional dentures and give them a snugger fit.

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